Canaletto Award

  • The Canaletto Prize - Artistic Career Award, is givent to those artists who emerged thanks to their contribution to the world of art during their artistic ca- reer. For the occasion will be selected, by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Save- rio Russo, some of the best international and contemporary artists.
  • The awarding ceremony will take place in Mira, at Valier Mansion on April 25th, 2016 at 4.00 pm, during the event “Riviera del Brenta Biennale’’.
  • This Riviera was a popular hang-out for personalities such as Casanova, Galileo, Byron and D'Annunzio. It inspired Mozart, was portrayed by Tiepolo and Canaletto and praised by Goethe and Goldoni. It ho- sted the royal French and Russian fami- lies as well as Napoleon and the Habsburg and Savoy families.
  • The participant artists will receive a bronze medal ‘’Canaletto Award 2016’’ in addition to the important publication on the catalog rea- lized for the event and the insertion into the International magazine ‘’Art International Contemporary Magazine’’.
  • The show “Narcissus – Painting inventor myth’’ by Nico Gattullo and Jacub Rizman, will frame this international event.
  • During the event, will be offered a ‘’wine mo- ment’’ with a tasting menu of Canaletto wine, a fine product by Casa Girelli.