Awarding of the Canaletto Prize, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Important political and cultural personalities will be present at the event and will take part in the ceremony. The award will be presented by the owner of the house Maurizio CorĂ².

Show of Nico Gattullo e Jakub Rizman "Narciso - Mito dell'inventore della pittura" (Myth the inventor of painting)

Through the work and the aesthetic appeal of aerial dance, Nico Gattullo, accompanied by the harp of Jakub Rizman, he interprets the myth of Narcissus inventor of painting, mixing: light, color, form, music and movement to reach the emotion, the ultimate goal of every work of art.

Wine moment, Canaletto wine tasting

Tasting of different kind of Canaletto wine, Girelli winery.


Tasting of cheeses "Forme d'arte" (Shapes of Art Cheeses)

Tasting of different cheeses, "Forme d'arte", particular cheeses, unique for taste and look. "Food feeds the body , art feeds soul".


Artist tasting

Artist tasting"Coloribo" of Bice Perrini.
"I wanted to push people to color with the food ... to a food artist different multisensory ... to eat with the whole body!"

Bice Perrini

Collateral Events

Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari

The Masters Birello Lorenzo and Luigi Ballan accompany children in the realization of a work by Canaletto on wooden plank with preparation of the colors of the dust directly in the place in the park ARTISTI IN EXTEMPORE demonstration of working of lace according to the ancient Venetian art.