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The Artist - Walter Dorsch

  • Many artists were doctors of medicine, many doctors developed into artists. Intensive occupation with patients as individuals would appear to sharpen awareness of what really counts in life.
  • The doctor Walter Dorsch (Professor for Paediatrics, Youth Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Allergology and Natural Therapy) is in close contact with many and manifold people: children with radiant faces, happy parents, lovestruckt teenagers; but he has also experienced the shadowy side of life: the engulfing of the individual in the mass, jealousy, arbitrariness, cowardice, marital warfare, etc. The artist Walter Dorsch describes what he sees: "La condition humaine"
  • I am working mainly with bronze, wood and iron forming anthropomorphic sculptures, often in groupes or fixed on a machinery describing our human condition („la condition humaine").
  • Light drawing in black and white, digitally reworked coloured photographs, short films with musical accompaniment, books and exhibitions with partly serious, partly humourous background round up my kind of arts with multiple facets.
  • The goal of my art is a dialog with the visitor. ART@WORK invites you to active participation and to a discussion about art, philosophy, politics, history and psychology.
  • You should play with the bronze or wooden figures, arrange them as you like, figurize your thoughts, your feelings, your situation! Operate the mechanics of the machine artworks! Give your phantasies and dreams a face. Maybe a look on the pictures will remind you of political, philosophical, psychological or other topics you are engaged with. Follow the films describing the condition humaine you certainly know. Join our exhibitions and enjoy figures,mechanics, films, pictures, books and discussions!

    "The figures of Walter Dorsch address the power-relations in the world, from Syria to Ukraine, as well as the political theatre. His figures move the public, especially those who personally suffered from these disasters. It is telling that these figures have no individual features. They embody humanity as such. People can choose to identify with culprits, or victims. They question the viewer. What role do you play in the world?” (Anne Berk, Vice President of sculpture network, https://sculpture-network.org/en/our-networkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13p0yvmYAHk)

Der Künstler - Walter Dorsch

L'Artista - Walter Dorsch

Contact / Kontakt / Contatti

Walter Dorsch
Aidenbachstraße 118

81379 Munich

Tel. : +49 17695506937


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The goal of my art is a dialog with the visitor.
Das Ziel meiner Kunst ist ein Dialog mit dem Besucher.
L'obiettivo della mia arte è il dialogo con lo spettatore.

Walter Dorsch